Friday, 6 February 2009


Het pad dat wij nu kiezen is belangrijk. Welke levensweg willen wij volgen? Welk spel durven wij aan?

A short film created as part of SCYPFEST, a short film festival sponsored by the Sydney Christadelphian Young People. This film was shot on one night and edited over a few months and is a meditation on our life and where we are heading. Starring Chris Pooley, James Hillhouse, Irene Baird and Mikki Pogson. On-set Assistants: Nicole Phillips and Jake Pogson. Stills Photography: Jake Pogson. Photoshop/Background Artists: Shane Devries, Jessica Hindmarsh, Shoshanna Hindmarsh and Stuart Bowen. Directed and Edited by Stuart Bowen. Special Thanks to Coralie Islip.

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