Friday 13 March 2009

For those who make other choices

“If you were from the world of humankind, the world of humankind would certainly have affection for their own. But, because you are not from the world of humankind–but rather I chose you [apostles] out of the world of humankind–for this reason the world of humankind continues to hate all of you.” (Joh 15:19 MHM)

 “For a certainty the time is coming when they will no longer tolerate healthy teaching, but instead they will appoint their own teachers to suit their fancy and to tickle their ears. They will turn away for sure from listening to the Truth, and instead they will turn aside to myths. As for you, [Timothy], always be sober-minded in everything–be willing to suffer difficulties, do the work of an evangelist, completely fulfill your ministry.” (2Ti 4:3-5 MHM)

 “And now because you do not continue running with them in their headlong rush into a licentious course, they think you the strange ones and speak abusively of you.” (1Pe 4:4 MHM)

Dutch version / Nederlands > Voor hen die andere keuzes maken

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