Friday, 17 July 2009

A new book on Joel

A reader might ask: Is there a need for another commentary on Joel? A new book on the Book of Joel is available. The book examines Joel and locates his ministry in the life and times of Ahaz and Hezekiah. It is based on the KJV, NASB and RSV versions and focuses on exegesis of the text and the relationship of Joel to other prophetic books.
Where existing studies of Joel perform well is in the areas of word analysis and devotional application; hence, they do not duplicate this kind of material, although they include a final chapter on the relevance of Joel to Christians living in the “last days”.
They take the view that Joel is part of inspired scripture and follow the common belief of Jesus and the first century church.

According to the writers it is well known that Joel lacks unequivocal determinate historical markers, therefore they have given the most weight to the external evidence for its date, and this is its position in the Hebrew and Greek canons which, on balance, suggest an eighth century date. They also argue for the view that the book is a literary unity and therefore they have no reason to overturn the external witness of the superscription—that it is the work of one author, Joel. A sister-book to this one engages the work of other writers on Joel, but they have excluded this material from this book. They have sought to include only footnotes to the relevant contemporary Assyrian texts. Their approach is centred on the text rather than centred on the scholar and his commentary.


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