Monday 6 July 2009

It is Today

It is Today

Today has come as yesterday
we said if our Lord still tarries,
then during the daylight hours
yet for some
in the darkness of night,
to His Judgement seat
we have been borne.
And in the midst of a great multitude gathered
I seem to stand alone
waiting for my name to be spoken
by the righteous Judge.
It is today.

Yet sometimes I am distracted
in this waiting,
and from the reflections of my past
as I watch as others are granted
the prize, eternal life.
Still more and more distractions and
then on seeing some
who have slept
within the earthy bowels
awaiting trumpet sound.
Was I at times reproachful
of those who'd run their race?
In the Judge's mind
they yet now have
received their immortal place.
It is today.

Another in the midst of the throng
I had not seen for years.
What was his name, I can't recall
and ponder why he left.
A lonely man who found God's truth
then oft times more alone
and 'though this pearl of great price he found
not so with those "in Christ".
And hearsay among some brethren
had I ever played a part
a destructive little past time
which human nature loves.
And those who longed to be a part
did I yet cast aside, and considered them not worthy
to be in company of the bride.
It is today.

And the brethren that offended me
did I put this in the past
and forgiven and forgotten
or harboured till this day.
Did I rejoice in things of beauty
the preaching of His word
to all the world around us
the coming of our Lord.
And on and on I go
with reflections of the past
of circumstance that may have changed
or no, it just won't be.
Pardon? My name has been called
I must stand before His seat, the righteous Judge,
probation is now past.
It is today.
1999 Kay McGrath

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