Wednesday 9 September 2009

Whom can we trust to govern us?

This month's survey question:
Whom can we trust to govern us?


- There are some good politicians but they are the exception
- All politicians are unreliable and cannot be trusted
- We can only REALLY trust the Lord Jesus Christ when he rules in the Kingdom of God.
- We should implicitly trust our elected politicians
- Don't know.

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If you look around you can find people that you think you do best not to tell too much and others where you could tell your deepest secrets.
What about your living conditions and for the future that lays in front of you? You might think that there are politicians you can rely on or not trust. Or maybe you think that no one in politics is to be trusted. You think that they are slime balls or still do those things they find important to them. Or that they do not keep to their word.

If you think politics is nonsense perhaps you can ask whether you should be engaged. But as a Christian you can examine to what extent we agree with our politicians or may have to attend to it.
You may wonder whether we actually need to vote or whether we can join a political party or even go further and imagine us to come forward as a candidate?
In the world so many things that happen there are plenty of events or things we want to resist to. But to what extent we can resist against the chest punching things? Can we join reactive groups or join a group demonstration? Which are groups we would consider valuable to join and which not worthy or even wrong to join?

What we also need to ask is how it is about the obligations of the country where we live or are citizens from.
I think you must obey laws of that country if they do not go against the will of God. And nowhere has God forbidden voting. If it is required to vote, as in Belgium you should keep to that commitment. (Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar) How you vote is up to your conscience. This is not to imply that you would not think that God is the only one who can solve everything.

Because we believe that it will ultimately be Jesus Christ that will bring the world order in its place, and give the start to the most complete and accurate Kingdom. The Kingdom of God will have the best management and is the only way to give full happiness.

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