Monday, 30 November 2009 site saw its 1,000,000th visitor

1,000,000 visitors and nearly 1,000 fans! Milestones

On 13th November, the site saw its 1,000,000th visitor - quite an achievement for its first 4 years. In that time the site has risen from nothing to being one of the biggest and most popular Bible quiz sites on the Internet. They now receive over 1,500 visitors a day!

Within the next week or so, They shall probably see their 1,000th facebook fan! Another amazing milestone in only 5 months.

* Keep recommending the site to all your friends, and remember our work in your prayers to God.


> Thanksgiving Bible Quiz

>New Bible Quiz: The Gospel of John

Another quiz has been added to the site, taking the total to 76 quizzes and 1,480 questions. This time there is created a quiz on The Gospel of John to continue working towards having a quiz on each book of the Bible.