Sunday 6 December 2009

Does God answer prayer?

Nobody who is even faintly religious would deny that prayer Is part of the religious life. In all sorts of religions people are calling to their gods. Lots of rituals are brought forwards to attract gods or to get their attention.
In the rich countries nobody wants to know about God, but as soon as something serious happens they all start to blame God, or they start praying to Him. People who have had little to do with a church, who have seldom picked up a Bible, who have given scant attention to God, will, faced with a crisis, turn to prayer. 

Many a helpless individual, faced with the stark reality of death, has gone down on his knees in prayer. It sometimes comes as a surprise to discover that some of the most powerful men in history have been men of prayer.

There are those who pray because they are conscious of a need and recognize that God alone can meet that need. Are they right in thinking that it matters how and to whom they pray?
Does there exist  an effective prayer?

Does God answer prayer?

What are, according to you, possible answers:

- Yes. He answers all prayer from anybody about everything.
- Only about our long-term salvation not day to day trivia.
- Only if we are in covenant relationship with him.
- Yes but forgiveness is available only to those who have believed the true Gospel and been baptized.
- No. God is not interested in us or our petty problems.
- Don't know.

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