Wednesday 23 December 2009

Message from the family tree in the Tanakh

From Adam to Noah, ten generations. At the time of Noah there was made an end to a world. The ten generations of this world view, if we translate the names, show us the whole message of the gospel.

(Some words have more than one translation. Not all translations are listed here.)
1. Adam = Man
2. Seth = Is placed
3. Enosh = Mortal
4. Kenan = Sorrow
5. Mahalalel = Blessed God
6. Jared = Shall come down
7. Enoch = teaching / Anointed
8. Methuselah = His death brings
9. Lamech = Flavors / Taste
10. Noah = Rest / Comfort

Man is as a mortal placed (in) pain
but the blessed / praised God
shall His teachings / Anointed / Messiah do come down.
His death will bring peace and comfort and will let it taste.

Dutch original > Nederlands origineel > Boodschap van de geslachtslijn in de Tenach

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