Sunday, 6 December 2009

Remembering from times of trouble

"Three things I can remember from times of trouble.

One was the sudden reality of the old saying that just as a beautiful
Persian carpet has a rich pattern above, but apparently only knots and
confusion underneath, so with our lives - and we see only the knots and
confused crossing of threads. God sees the pattern on the other side, which
is what really matters.

Another was the feeling that only the greatness of God would be quiet and
say, so gently but firmly, "no" to our prayers at times when we, with our
small vision and inadequate human knowledge, would have said "yes" and
spoiled the beautiful pattern we could not see.

The last is that it is best to live only a moment at a time, leaving the
next moment to God. Sometimes it is the only way: and even now when we
think we have learned it, we may find we haven't. However, when, like
Peter, we look at the sea and the waves and say "Lord save me" we are saved both by his unfailing response and by the very fact of looking away from the waves and again back to him."
- Sister Jean Galbraith.

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