Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bible Companion now also available on Blackberry phones

Robert Roberts developed a reading plan to facilitate his daily systematic reading of the Scriptures. A form of this plan was later published as The Bible Companion and is still used by Christadelphians today.By following the Bible Companion the reader is led, in small portions, through the whole Bible in a year. To have the chart at hand we can easily find and follow the daily readings.

It was already possible to import this Daily Reading Plan into your MS Outlook Callendar and for iCal on Mac OS X. >
  • There is also a collection of Daily Commandments as annually reoccuring all day events can be imported in your calendar. Click right and 'Save link as' daily-com.ics
  • Whiledaily-prov.ics imports a collection of Daily Proverbs as annually reoccuring all day events.
There was also the Daily Reading Plan for Olivetree reader The Daily Reading plan for Olive Tree Bible Software for Smartphones and PDAs. Just install the file into your Olivetree folder.

And now it is packaged on the Blackberry phones.

+ Bible Companion Readings Online
+ Daily Bible readings following the Companion
+ Daily Bible Reading Exhortations

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