Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Do we need to keep the Sabbath

Is there still a difference between the days of the week? For most of the people every day looks the same. People want to have the shops, bars and places of entertainement open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Sporting and other events are held on any day from Monday to Sunday.

Those who keep most to a sacred day in the week seem to be the Muslims who do not skip their Friday prayer.
We can wonder if God has commanded that there should be kept one day in the week by abstaining from all forms of self-indulgence? Should this then be the first, or seventh, a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, a special day of the week? Do the Jewish sabbath day laws have any meaning for today's society? Should they be kept by followers of Christ?

Quite apart from religious belief, most people accept that the pattern of five or six days of work, followed by a shorter period of relaxation or rest, is a healthy one. They would soon complain strongly if their employer suddenly decided to require them to work with no weekly break at all! It is not the pattern of work and rest that creates the difficulty. The question focuses on what men and women can or should do on their day of rest, and which day of the week that should be.

Did God say people would be punished for not resting on the seventh day? Was there a pattern of work and rest enforced for the nation of Israel?
Six days of gathering and one day of rest? We do find such an example in Genesis. Did God's activity in Creation became the example for His nation? Can we say that by resting on the sabbath, man would identify himself with God, and with the completion of His creation, when He was able to review "everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good" (Genesis 1:31)?

Did God provided the sabbath to confer benefits on anyone who was oppressed-it was "made for man"  and do you need to keep the Sabbath?


- The Sabbath, NOT Sunday, is divinely ordained and must be kept.
- In Christ, every day is a Sabbath day, not just one day.
- Sunday is now the Sabbath for Christians.
- Keeping the Sabbath or not is irrelevant to a Christian.
- Don't know

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