Wednesday 26 May 2010

Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith

BASF stands for Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith, and is a description of the Bible doctrines that Christadelphians believe and preach.

Christopher Maddocks and his Waymark completed a detailed study of each clause of the Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith.
The Importance of Truth
The Foundation Clause:
The Clauses and the Doctrines to be Rejected

When Bible teaching is compared with Church teaching, it can be seen that Christendom at large is astray from the Bible.
The purpose of the Waymark website is, as all our Christadelphian websites to proclaim the saving Truths that form the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being in oppostion to the fables of men - both protestant and papal - we seek to preach the Truth as revealed in the Bible.
Ever seeking to ensure our belief and conduct is in harmony with the Word, the following articles examine each clause and it's Bible background.

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