Wednesday 26 May 2010

Consecration of the priests

The Bedside


-- Exodus 29

THUS the analogy of the Mosaic parable
to the realities
in Christ is complete.
The process of drawing men from alienation to glorification
is clearly discernible in all its appointments.

Humility of mind -- circumcision of heart --
enters the Christ-gateway, on receiving the gospel;
offers the Christ-sacrifice, in being baptised into the death of Christ; washes in the Christ-laver
in coming under the purifying power of his commandments:

enters the preliminary "holy" place of the divine Tabernacle,
in becoming a member of the body of Christ;
to radiate the candlestick light of the truth,
and offer the incense-sacrifice of praise continually,
and eat of the bread of Israel's hope,
and wait for the manifestation of the glory of God in the great
day of atonement,
when all things reconciled will be gathered together in the
"holiest" under one head -- even Christ:
and the true tabernacle of God will be with men,
and there shall be no more curse and no more pain
and no more death.

Robert Roberts, The Law of Moses, pages 153-154

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