Friday, 28 May 2010

Victory in rebirth

To be able to share in the victory that Jesus brought for us we must have our 'old man', that in Adam is, being killed and become an entire 'new man' in Christ.

Jezus describes this as 'rebirth', for no other image will in state to describe sufficiently this radical renewal .  And that rebirth is something that we our selfs shall have to bring till position.  In such a way we may count for it on Christ' help: we our self are  the only ones that can take this decision, and take action to fulfil it.  From now on our fight against the sin is against the temptation back now to turn till our old man.  Only when we persevere the victory has been promised, because the sin is robbed of its power.  And then is there also no power in the world, of whichever nature, that  would be able to separate us of Christ, and for which we thus yet would have to need fear.

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie> Overwinnen in wedergeboorte


  1. God had created the man 'well', but that man revolted against its Creator.

    The from Eden, of the tree of life, driven away mankind is however by nature selfish and again must learn to address to God. But he is not able to do that from his own power closed because he always decays each time sinning again. His biggest enemy in this is his own human nature, not an external seducer. Through his obedience Jesus has defeated this enemy. He has been victorious with that. Who want to follow Jesus in this, shall share in his victory.

  2. Jezus has defeated the sin through keeping to perfect complete obedience to Gods Will.

    Although he owned the same human nature as we, he has not admitted at the temptations of "the meat". His fight against the requests in the desert was just as real as that of any other man, but only he knew to win that, and his fight in Gethsemane, where He "resisted unto shedding his blood" (Hebrews 12:4) against the fear for the dead, was the definitive triumph over the sin. It was a fight against the fear for a dead, that just he therefore not deserved. Only by undergoing that death voluntary in spite of all that , he prepared also for us the way for the liberation from the slavery of the sin. And with that brought He the fulfillment of Gods promises.

    By the victory where Adam failed he, Jesus Christ, became what the apostle Paul indicates as "the heir of the world" and "the second Adam".