Thursday, 3 June 2010

Heavenly creatures do they exist

We can see people around us and some of them say they have some unseen creatures on their right and left shoulder. Some people say they have a guardian angel.

What do you believe? Are there such things which are called angels, and what or whom do they present?

Are angels imaginable creations or just figments of the artist's imagination in religious paintings down the centuries? Is there really something out there we ought to know about? Is it important to know if they exist?

Several Christians believe in good and bad angels. They think devils are angels who followed the Cherub Satan who riposted against God. If devils are angels who did not follow the Will of God, you could say that it where angels who sinned, because when we do not follow the Will of God we sin. But can angels sin?


- Yes. Lucifer was an angel and he sinned.
- Angels can do nothing as they are mythological creatures.
- Angel means messenger. Human messengers can sin. Heavenly ones cannot sin.
- Angels are immortal and therefore cannot sin.
- Don't know.


We as Christadelphians believe that for everything in life we can find the answers in the Holy Scriptures. But when taking up the Bible we do have to take inconsideration what is meant by certain words.

The English word "angel" comes from the Greek angelos, which means 'messenger'. In the Old Testament, with two exceptions, the Hebrew word for "angel" is malak, also meaning 'messenger'. The prophet Malachi took his name from this word. He was himself a messenger, and he prophesied about the coming of "the messenger of the covenant", Jesus Christ (Malachi 3:1).
Although the word "angel" in the Bible, meaning a messenger, nearly always applies to heavenly beings, it can occasionally apply to human messengers. Malachi himself said a priest was a messenger (malak) of the LORD of hosts (Malachi 2:7), and in the Book of Revelation the elders of the seven churches of Asia were called angels (1:20; 2:1 etc.). But when we meet messengers doing supernatural things, there is no doubt they are heavenly beings - God's messengers, working for Him and for the ultimate benefit of mankind.
We as Christadelphians believe that God works on man's behalf through His hosts of messenger servants.

We believe that there are forces which are God's forces. They are "his angels", "his hosts", and they are "his ministers", doing His pleasure. In other words, the Only One Creator God of gods has total control over them and all other members of His creation. Those angels which have been at work on behalf of God and man "excel" in strength and they have more than enough power to complete their commissions.

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