Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Public meetings

At regular intervals, Brothers and Sisters in Christ come together in the Motorway Restaurant at Heverlee, Louvain to take the Last Dinner in memory.  For the Breaking of the Bread only baptised brothers and sisters partake , but the service can be followed by everybody who want to share this moment of worship.

Everybody has been invited to pray or to sing with us.  

We dare to ask a lot of those who want to pray with us together.  Part constituting of a church without facilities holds in that the members have to be very creatively.  One will look at the things with an other perspective.  

Those who would like to attend our meetings in Belgium must dare to overcome shyness.  Meeting on Sunday, in the afternoon, in a public place as a restaurant and a motel were we are visible for everybody, dare to sit together to pray and read in the Word of God and dare this to openly discuss, while every passersby can see us at work.

We are no closed church community, as everybody is welcome.  though I agree that the consuming of the Broken Bread and drinking of the Cup of Wine as symbols of Christ's offering, we only permit for baptised brothers and sisters.  Other drinks, like coffee or soft drinks, of course, anyone can drink with us. Coming together as a community in Christ hears to be a pleasant occupation, and that is what we try to offer to anyone who wants to come visit us.

For us, a Church is about 'Men', and it are the faithful who belong to and make the Church.  We have no church hierarchy that structures or impose and oblige this or that activity to direct to make that organization financially feasible .  

We should try to cook our own beans and our efforts mainly have been directed on the proclaiming of the Good News and our focus is on those people who come to us. Each human is important and is contemplated as an important contribution supplier or co-worker. Each family can make us part of a team together to go for one and the same goal: God praise.