Friday, 11 June 2010

Radio Eden covering three-quarters of the global population

In February good News Broadcasting expanded their broadcasts using another satellite.

. . The satellite covers all of India, China, most of Africa, all of the Middle East and most of the Far East. There is also considerable coverage over Eastern Europe and some parts of  Australia.

Radio Eden is an organisation committed to providing low cost platforms to Christian Broadcasters aiming to reach a lost world with the message of the Gospel. Radio Eden was established in 1999 and has been working on various projects related to transmitter manufacturing and airtime provision for Christian ministries.

In 2008 the Radio Eden Satellite Broadcasting Service was established to provide international airtime now reaching 150 nations via the Eurobird 9 and Intelsat 10 satellites.
As an organisation we have partnered with Pan American Broadcasting since 2002 and with GNBA since 2000. The station is supported through contributions from listeners, volunteers,
broadcasters and churches.

About 5 billion people live within the coverage area of Intelsat 10. Radio Eden can now be received by about 6 billion people with the coverage of both satellites.
Now over 150 nations are reached by the ministry (there are about 196 nations in total worldwide).
Within days of launching the new service website access was received from Japan, India, South Africa and China. Prior to the launch Radio Eden had never had people accessing the
site from those countries.
Now the entire 10/40 window is reached using the combination of the Intelsat 10 and Eurobird 9 satellites.
The satellite has a lot of interesting ‘free-to-air’ services catering for India, Africa and for the Far East. People wanting to access these services will most likely come across the Radio Eden broadcasts.