Monday, 21 June 2010

Weekly World Watch 13th - 19th June 2010‏



In this Weekly World Watch 13th - 19th June 2010?

A remarkable discovery in Israel this week that has enormous geopolitical significance.

1.  Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iran
2.  Iran could fire 'hundreds' of missiles at Europe
3.  Israel on the road to energy autonomy
4.  Next war may be over Israel’s gas and oil fields On Gaza another huge gas reserve has been found of the coast of Israel.

* A power string of six earthquakes shook the northern coast of Papua, Indonesia, Wednesday, killing at least two people and causing widespread damage on Yapen Island, officials said.  Four of the earthquakes hit the region within an hour's time, starting just after midday.  A fifth and sixth quake hit the region a few hours later.
* Scores die in China flash floods BBConline, June 19, 2010 At least 69 people have now died in flooding caused by torrential rain in southern China, state media say.  About half a million people have been evacuated because of rainstorms over the last week that have damaged tens of thousands of homes.
* Deadly flash floods hit southern France BBConline, June 16, 2010 At least 19 people have been killed by flash floods in south-eastern France, officials say.  Meteorologists say the floods are the worst in the region since 1827.