Monday 13 September 2010

Join the debate about the position of fallen angels

On Facebook you can find a discussion to which we would like to invite you to debate about the matter of hell, fallen angels and the position of sinners after their death.
Jesus who was Wounded for our transgressions and died for all sinners was directed by humans to go into hell. The day Jesus died his soul was delivered in the hands of God, though an innocent man, who did not do any sin, he was placed in hell. What did the Holy man do when he was considerd by many the Messiah Jesus three days in hell? Did he not succeed to save the people who were supposed to be there to be tortured for their sins? Was his dying on the stake to pay for all sins of humankind a measure for nothing? Because when Jesus as the Lamb of God sprinkled his blood on this world for forgiveness of all sins, it looks like God not accepting this offer when He ask the sinners first to go to purgatory or to send them to hell even before Jesus can judge them at the end times, when the Messiah would return to judge the living and the death.

Please read more about the position of Jesus in hell and his relationship with so called Fallen Angels in:

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Dutch speaking readers can also find more articles like;
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You are welcome to join the debate on Facebook on the reaction about Does God Exist?
"A true story..." plus Einsteins saying concerning our own responsability about evil.

Ook Nederlandstalige lezers worden vriendelijk uitgenodigd om mee in het debat te treden op Facebook en verder in te gaan op de bovenvermelde artikelen en over wat de Bijbel zegt over engelen, duivels, demonen, vagevuur, hel en over wat Jezus hier op aarde kwam doen en nog later bij zijn terugkomst zal doen.

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