Monday 13 September 2010

What happens when we die?

The Question  of the Month by is: What happens when we die?

Everybody becomes confronted with death.
Today when young people hear the bad news they often quickly change the subject or say: "bad luck". The tragedy is soon forgotten.
The middle-aged do not care to contemplate death. It is too far off yet to seem a real danger. This is Your bible looks how they react , but also how those people react when they got older, and closer to the age of dementia and deterioration.
When the end of this life is more nearby, people start wondering more. Or when something seriously happened with themselves. Often first something serious has to happen before they think of God, and after life.
Lots of people in the capitalist world accept the fact that death is the end of life. There is no escaping the reality of death. But is it really the end of everything?
Many Christians think that their soul goes straight up to an other place after they die. They either can go straight in heaven or have to undergo a cleansing first in purgatory. In the worst case they go like all the big sinners to hell.
Most people agree that we cannot reverse what has happened when a person dies. All human resources are powerless to restore a dead person to life.

But what do you think death is and what happens in death?

  1. - Death is like a sleep from which those in Christ will be awakened at his return
  2. -Our immortal soul goes to heavenly bliss or burning hell.
  3. - When we die, that's it. We are extinct forever.
  4. - We are reincarnated as another person and the cycle of rebirth continues
  5. - Don't know
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