Thursday, 11 November 2010

Church enemy of faith

Has the Church become the enemy of faith, an unwelcome intruder into the believer’s pious solitude. For the modern mind, it would be like the commodity choosing the buyer, since religion, like sex and commerce, is just another act between consenting adults, which by implication makes the authority of creeds the doctrinal equivalent of annoying chaperones.

Francis J. Beckwith,  Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies at Baylor University,  thinks this is the case. He says: "As long as “Church” was something that was under me rather than me under it, I was doomed to a life of ecclesiastical promiscuity despite my best efforts to practice safe sects."

According Protestant professor, Carl Trueman of Westminster Theological Seminary "not being a Catholic should be a positive act of will and commitment, something we need to get out of bed determined to do each and every day. It would seem, however, that . . . many who call themselves evangelical really lack any good reason for such an act of will; and the obvious conclusion, therefore, should be that they do the decent thing and rejoin the Roman Catholic Church."

Francis J. Beckwith his book: Return to Rome: Confessions of An Evangelical Catholic.

His blog: Return to Rome. 

His lecture:  “Faith, Reason and the Christian Citizen.”

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