Thursday, 11 November 2010

National Natural Disaster and Bible Prophecy

Is God in control of the National Natural Disasters which crossed Australia? What is the role of Britain in Bible Prophecy?

Andy Walton looks specifically at the Queen of Sheba, Tarshish and Tyre and how they are all linked.
Andy made a cd which includes TWO Bible talks. The Natural National Disaster talk was given as a public lecture recently. It should be beneficial for anyone including interested friends. The Role of Britain in Bible Prophecy was given as a Bible Class and does assume a basic understanding of our core beliefs. eg Christ's return. Both talks have the full powerpoint and audio in a video format.
How does the CD work?
The CD only works on a computer. It runs automatically. The video file is in a WMV format and should work fine on all computers.
NOTE: If you have a MAC the CD will not autorun but you can open the CD, find the files and open from there.
CLICK HERE TO ORDER the Audio Visual Powerpoint

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