Thursday 11 November 2010

Scripture alone Sola Scriptora

Timothy Ross wrote in Scripture alone Sola Scriptora

Why do folks love this idea. Is it because we are rebel's by nature ? Who are we to think such things. Doesn't God speak to us today outside of the Bible? Isn't the Bible just a collection of what God has said to normal people like you and me garced by God in a special ...way called prophets adn Apostles and so forth?

The early church wrestled over what Books to put in the canon. Ever studied how they put it all together it might help alot of you and others out. Martin Luther wanted to reform the Institution of Rome not leave her. Many believed he was going to be a pope one day and that he was really brilliant. There was at least two cannon's proposed The common one we have today and the Eusibius cannon. Which one and why? Enoch and othe books like this were recognized by Eusibius . Also why are Protestants so agains the Apocrypha it is full of things that line up historically with scripture and is used by Paul in his writings. So when folks say scripture alone which ones ? I know this is controversial but as a student and scholar this is my question for all real folks after God. Note theApostles had there own traditions also and people say you teach traditons. Really who says? Are you your own God or not accountable to the Body? I am guilty and repent I wonder how many want to turn a new leaf and folow after the Spirit tha trose Jesus from the dead keep the good and throw out the Bad. Do you really know the origins of your theological thoughts? Somebody always is molded by somebody elses ideas. We all have a theology or a traditon but these are not apart of are dogma's . Can you really say Your Doctrine and traditon isn't your dogma. The yare different. So what are your thoughts.

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