Thursday 17 March 2011

Are Christadelphians so Old Fashioned?

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Zijn Christadelphians zo 'Old fashioned'?

The ‘Sunday Reading’ from The Christadelphian (90.1072.309), 1953 is quoted and called 'old fashioned’ by popular opinion but numerous professional studies confirm their opinion about what we do have to encounter or the many sexualized content is damaging.
Today we can find an over sexualized media content and do find an attitude by people that it is just great to have good fun. When we hear some people at work speak about partners it looks like they are changing them as they are changing their underwear.

Today we have to face the many divorces and difficulties in households and in schools, but no wonder.

  • Numerous studies have shown a connection between stereotypical attitudes about women’s sexuality and aggressive sexual behaviour. Several have shown that women and men exposed to sexually objectifying images from mainstream media were significantly more accepting of rape myths, sexual harassment, sex role stereotypes, interpersonal violence, and adversarial sexual beliefs about relationships.’, Bailey, ‘Consequences Of the Sexualization of Girls: American Psychological Association Report Part IV’, From Now On: The Newsletter of the Montgomery County Chapter of the National Organization for Women (2007).
  • The mass media have been shown to affect a broad range of adolescent health-related attitudes and behaviours including violence, eating disorders, and tobacco and alcohol use.
  • Youth exposure to sexual content on television shapes sexual attitudes and behaviour in a manner that may influence reproductive health outcomes.
  • Pornography tends to see sexual practices as divorced from any tender considerations for one’s partner There is plenty of evidence that it sometimes does harm.
  • Worse even than the violence and the ridicule of all the kindly virtues is the preoccupation with sex.
  • Today there is a stimulation of the wrong kind of emotions by making sex, drink and the different ways of having “a good time".
  • Let the conning of certain modern magazines be utterly banned, and let the modern sex-ridden novel—one of the curses of this generation—be wisely consigned to the dustbin.
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