Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Judaism & Catholicism Universal 'churches'

Soon you will find a note here on the new publications about the use of "ecclesia". Looking at the history of the word we have to face the sayings of a certain group of believers. The Roman Catholics consider them The Only Universal Church. But was Judaism not always meant to be universal. The whole idea about Abram and the really big family (like the stars, like the sands) was about Israel being a test, meaning to be “rolled out” into the whole wide world as one big family – but not based on race (the covenant with Abram was before the finishing of the writing down of the Torah, and also, Genesis 1 hinted at all people being one under the Creator).
In Christianity we could understand this concept even better – and Christianity is essentially Jewish, be it Paulinian Jewishness. 64 out of 66 bible books were written by the Jewish people that’s clear enough.

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