Friday, 1 April 2011

A prophet to restore

Isaiah, of Jerusalem wanted to be a servant of God the Allmighty and ministered from the year King Uzziah died (740/39), through the reigns of Jotham (740/39), Ahaz (732/31-716/715) and Hezekiah (716/15-687/86).

There is no instance where the prophets regard themselves as the inspired founders of a new spiritual religion, but everywhere they regard themselves as the restorers and reformers of a religion already in being and known to their auditors. Isaiah wanted as a servant to God bring the world Gods Message. Isaiah calls the people to repentance, and are assures that blessing should follow repentance.
There shall come judgement of the wicked and a restoration of the righteous remnant. Those who want to listen shall be able to put their hopes in the Promises of God, who shall not leave them alone. The Good Tidings is about an ordinary man who shall give up his life, having done nothing wrong. He will be placed higher and shall be recognised as the Messiah who shall restore the kingdom to Israel in that day of the earth’s glory.

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