Monday 1 August 2011

Iranian refugees in Belgium baptised by Carelinks

Carelinks continue to see the providential hand of God in our work, ever seeking to connect people and actively guide circumstances towards the salvation of men and women.

Carelinks providentially come into contact with some Iranians in Belgium who have had contact with the JWs, being impressed by the rejection of the trinity and teaching of the Kingdom coming on earth, but turned away by the various quirks of Watchtower doctrine in other areas.

Brother Andy Taylor of the Windermere UK ecclesia is in the midst of driving over from the UK to Latvia with a car full of literature and welfare clothing for the Riga Bible Center, and he was able to meet with Duncan in Belgium and assist with the baptism of H.
Photo: Andy with H after his baptism

They had a most interesting time talking with his flat mates, from Turkey and Iran, who had also been exposed to JW teaching. Andy got back on the highway to Latvia, with another 2 or 3 days driving ahead of him, sleeping in his tent on the way, and Duncan then went on with new brother H to another city to meet and baptize another Iranian, B, who converted to Christianity in Iran many years ago but for the last 12 years has been living in Belgium, reading his well marked Bible but unable to find a church which agreed with his understanding of the Gospel.

There are many other former Moslem contacts in Belgium and indeed throughout Europe that Carelinks continue in contact with, some of whom are thrilled with the simple, logical truths of the Lord Jesus Christ in contrast to what they have previously been taught.

Photos: Happy fellowship after baptism
We're pleased that these two brethren have found refuge in Belgium, but there are many others still in camps and on the move in unstable areas whom Carelinks seek to support.


  1. I beleive in Trinity. God the Father has sent his son Jesus to earth for forgifness of our sins.
    Without the Spirit it's impossible to understand The Bible, the Word of God

  2. Dear Polychloor, without God's Spirit we are nothing. It is the Creator of everything who shall give us guidance. But it is not an other person next to the Spirit God; The Holy Spirit is the being of God Himself. It is His force, His breath, His thinking, its the action of the Supreme Being.