Sunday, 23 October 2011

200 th posting on the Ecclesia website

Today the 200th posting was placed on the Christadelphian Ecclesia WordPress website.Wenceslas Hollar - Abraham's dream (State 2)
It is one of the articles on the Name of God and on how we should dare to use that name.
On the old religious print from the Old Testament llustration to Genesis we notice the paleo Hebrew Name of God written in the sun.

The website had at the moment only 1,725 views but we do hope we shall be able to find people who would not mind to let this site be better known.
The new Dutch Brethren in Christ site on WordPress: "Broeders in Christus" started in August 2011 (from the succelsfull transfer from the Flemish Broeders in Christus Google Site) receive now 216 visitors for 45 postings (Much more than we got on the Flemish Google site in an equivalent time) with
  • 37 views on our busiest day, September 9, 2011 for the Christadelphians in the Dutch language (Flemish site)
Compared to my worldly site: Marcus's Space I received 1,825 visitors over there since its start on December 2010 with
I do agree worldly subjects get more interest than spiritual subjects, therefore I do hope to get people from the worldly site into the spiritual blogs, which come slowly from the ground.

If you have a blog or publish some articles or magazines please do help to spread the Good News and share links to the Christadelphian Ecclesia and to the Broeders in Christus of Flemish Christadelphians.

Since we transferred our focus on the WordPress files instead of the Multiply pages our views on the Belgian Christadelphian Mainwebsite Googles Pages have gone up nicely, by people linking to it in the articles.

Also You can help to make it better known, by linking to it and by taking it in your 'I like it' on your social networks, or by clicking on the site on 'I like it' or giving it stars.

Become a co-worker of spreading the Good News.