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Deaf helped in their ability to progress in this community

The Philippine Daily Inquirer on page A10 brought the story entitled: "Hearing impaired get heard in free sign language lessons." You can also see the photo of a deaf sister conducting a Bible study using our publication with a caption written by an Inquirer editor: "Rosemarie Peralta used to be unschooled as a result of being hearing impaired until she discovered a universe of knowledge though sign language taught to her for free by a group of volunteers."
English: A Deaf, Hard-Of-Hearing or Speech-Imp...
English: A Deaf, Hard-Of-Hearing or Speech-Impaired person at his workplace, communicating with a hearing person via a Video Relay Service video interpreter (a V.I., a Sign Language interpreter, shown on-screen), using a videophone. The hearing person with whom the video interpreter is also communicating can not be seen. The videophone camera rests above his computer monitor. Note as well the additional videophones on his desk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deaf people, whose families could not afford to send them to special education classes, have been learning sign language for free and beyond classroom walls.
Sign language volunteers of the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been bringing classes right at the doorsteps of the hearing impaired since 1994, preferring to educate them in the comforts of their homes.
Some sign language teachers are themselves deaf. All of them have been spending their own time and money to reach out to the deaf community.
More than 2,000 volunteers, from the mountain town of Buguias in Benguet to the coastal villages of Mindanao, go from house to house to seek out the hearing impaired.
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