Monday, 17 October 2011


luke.lea wrote on October 16 2011, @08:08 pm concerning the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly
"This GA concept is fucking genius -- a most beautiful product of collective imagination, more promising by far than anything else I've seen in my 70 years.
A few hundred Quakers helped change the course of English history 4 centuries ago by keeping it simple and sticking to their principles, or so I have read; one can only hope it might happen again."
The Quakers did as every Christian should do: to turn up one's sleeves.
They put one's hand to the plough and did not wait until governments or organisations took action. They themselves went to work in hospitals and shelter-houses. They tried to do something against bad situations.
Today many people do find themselves pushed in a corner. Some were even wealthy persons a few months or years ago, but have to live on the street today. The world has come back into a crises situation which could turn out to be a Second Great Depression if we are not careful.
In such time of trouble Christians should be ready to stand clear and to work the ropes to keep everything safe. For that reason it is also important that we know what is going on and what happens to people around us, giving them assurance that they can count on us and that we are ready to throw out the safety-line.
The question which can bother us is how far may we go in our reaction? Can we stand on the barricades?
May the Indignados become desperados?
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