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Stepping toes

Stepping toes =
step on toes According the Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary:step on someone's toes and tread on someone's toes
1. Lit. to step down onto someone's toes, causing pain. Please don't step on my toes as you walk by.
2. Fig. to offend or insult someone, as if causing physical pain. You're sure I won't be stepping on her toes if I talk directly to her supervisor? I didn't mean to tread on your toes.step/tread on somebody's toes
to say or do something which upsets someone, especially by becoming involved in something which is their responsibility I'd like to make some changes to the working procedures, but I don't want to tread on anyone's toes.
See keep on toes
See also: step, toe
Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2006. Reproduced with permission.

step on (somebody's) toes
to upset someone, esp. by getting involved in something that is their responsibility It's hard to make changes in the department without stepping on a lot of toes. He's willing to step on toes to get things done.
See also: step, toe
Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2003. Reproduced with permission.

The figuratively speaking to say or do something, which possibly can upsets someone is what the Christadelphians on Xanga wants to do. They would like to dare question certain things people do believe. The website wants to get people involved in something which is their responsibility, though often they do not think of such a matter easily.

Often people are accustomed to certain beliefs, attitudes, traditions and feel themselves at ease not to think about it or to change anything about it. But the Christadelphians at Xanga wants to make them awake and to get them thinking, questioning either our beliefs or their beliefs.

The aim of the Christadelphians on Xanga is to make some changes to what people assume could be the truth. By questioning certain sayings it could be that they tread on anyone's toes, but they do want to do it lovingly, with a little bit of twisting the feet out of embarrassment, as a small child wants to question things. (Do you notice it in the photograph)

In case you do not agree with a certain point of belief, that is the place to question it. In such an instance they are willing to go out from your idea. Than they would say: "If it is like you say than this or that would be like  so and so."  They would not mind to compare several versions of belief-points to compare them with the saying in the Bible.

They ask you not to mind that they use the Bible to look at your and their saying, because that is according to them the Book that can bring the solution. According to Christadelphians in there we can all find the answers to our questions. (In a certain way we even do not need other persons to give the answers, because God has provided them in His Word: the Book of Books the Bible, the Bestseller of all times.)

Frank Sinatra sung: "Everybody knows you're stepping on my toes And stepping on my heart-strings too, With an idle kiss, you grabbed a moment's bliss, That left me with a heart that's true." (Read more: FRANK SINATRA - YOU'RE STEPPING ON MY TOES LYRICS  -Copied from )

Love may be a game for many, but for the Christadelphians it is something very important. For them every person on this earth should become our brother or our sister, and together we should share the love Christ Jesus had for this world.

The Xanga Christadelphians do not want to "Keep the big business picture to themselves"! they do not only want to share small portions of what’s expected on the job and keep the big stuff.
the do not want to keep to the rule: "If something changes, don’t tell anyone!"
    • Knowledge is power, and if you’re the only one who knows what’s going on, then it follows that you have all the power.
They do not mind that somebody has the power on this earth, because this situation is just temporarily. For them Jesus has the power to judge, but all power belongs to his and our Father, the Only One God.

Some might think: "If something changes, and you must tell someone, only tell half the people involved on the job." or "Sometimes it’s good to share knowledge and power, that way if something gets screwed up, you’re not the only one to blame! "

The problem with them is that they can not keep still on their chair. They do want to tell. They do want to tell so much, perhaps it can frighten some. And the problem is they do not mind telling what they can find in that mysterious "old fashioned Book". Because for them it looks as the cave of Ali Baba, full of treasures. But they are so precious they do not dare to keep them only for themselves. Plus, there are to many stones ...

So why not share them?

Go and have a look at "Stepping Stones." I meant "Stepping Toes"

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