Thursday, 29 December 2011

Assyriologist brother Wilfred Lambert goes to sleep

For 30 years the eminent Birmingham-born historian and archaeologist Prof Lambert (1926-2011) taught and researched at the University of Birmingham. But every single Thursday he would journey to the Department of the Near East in the British Museum, where he read and deciphered cuneiform tablets, the raw material of Assyriology.

This Christadelphian became one of the world’s top specialists in ancient eastern history and would be missed.
The funeral of internationally-respected Professor Wilfred Lambert took place at West Birmingham Christadelphian Hall, in Quinton, this week.

His skills and thoughts were chronicled in various published works, including Babylonian Wisdom Literature (1960); Atrahasis: The Babylonian Story of the Flood (1969); Cuneiform Texts in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, II, (2005) Babylonian Oracle Questions (2007). His latest work, Babylonian Creation Myths, is waiting for a publication date.
The British Museum, Room 55 - Cuneiform Collec...
The British Museum, Room 55 - Cuneiform Collection, including the Epic of Gilgamesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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