Thursday, 21 March 2013

A start for learning the Hebrew language

shalom = שלום

דוגמא לגופן "פרנק-ריהל" הגופן ששימש ...
דוגמא לגופן "פרנק-ריהל" הגופן ששימש לדוגמא: Frank-Ruehl, של קולמוס. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who would like to read the Torah and siddurs (prayer books) in Hebrew or compare the Hebrew text with the translation in their language, they shall have to learn the language. Perhaps a place to start with > jewfaq
Ten letters in less than ten minutes! See the first ten letters of the Hebrew alphabet, learn how they are pronounced in synagogues in the northeastern U.S., and see an example of the letter in a useful Hebrew word.
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