Sunday, 2 June 2013

Who are you going to reach out to today

Who are you going to reach out to today?

Reaching out is something that our community as a whole seems to lack. Think of someone who you know that may be doing it tough. Someone in your ecclesia that hasn't attended for a while, someone who may be without a job and doing it tough financially, someone who is a young mother and may need extra help with the kids, an old person, a single young person, someone who has been divorced or separated and so on.

Reach Out (Take That song)
Reach Out (Take That song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take a few minutes out of your day today to send someone an encouraging text or email or just an
encouraging bible verse or a quick simple: "How are you?" etc. Make it sound like you actually Care. Don't do it just to fish out information so that you can go and gossip about it later behind their backs! Saying: "I'm too busy today" is a lame excuse. It only takes 5 minutes if that, to send a text, email, inbox or even dare I say, make a phone call! If you Really care you will Make the time.

So, who will you take time to reach out to today?


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