Monday, 15 July 2013

Race continues to prompt controversy in U.S.A.

Last week I was surprised to hear an American Jew, who lives now already more than 30 years in a Kibbutz in Israel how in his home country his race was scummed. He felt treated like a dog when he often had to face signs the parc was not permitted to Jews, nor dogs.

Race continues to prompt controversy in America. Today we also still see that blacks and whites remain disconnected.
A few weeks ago, the New York Times ran a story detailing the slide backwards of black professionals. One commentator, a white hiring manager, accused African Americans of having a victim mentality and being hobbled by slavery's legacy. He wrote that he preferred to hire "hard working" and "bright" West African immigrants who do not carry the same baggage. Commentators went back and forth about blame, some m
Malcolm X
Malcolm X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
aintaining blacks should just "get over it."

In a country which always claims to be so based on Christianity it is strange we can not find the love of Jesus for others.

It is getting time that those Christian American come to see other coloured people or other believers also as creatures of God.  The United States need to have a conversation about race: and about the violence, drugs and hyper-sexuality in their communities; the epidemic of fatherlessness; and the limited dreams that cause generations to languish in the projects.

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Disconnected blacks and whites

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