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A White Field Worker Profile: Sister Tabby Ryan

A White Field Worker Profile

Sister Tabby Ryan

smilesTabitha (Tabby) Ryan is planning to return to Kamukuywa, Kenya in January 2014 for a year’s stay to teach at the Agape in Action Academy. A teacher by profession, Tabby wrote:

"I will be teaching the first principles course as part of the school curriculum and also helping out leading Bible studies at night time with the students that live at the school. Sunday School teaching and visits to other ecclesias will also form part of the work I do there. I believe it is important as much as possible for the locals to run their ecclesial activities, however, as there are only two qualified Christadelphian teachers in the school I think I can be of great value there. Also, as being the only female Christadelphian teacher I believe I will be able to have a real positive impact on the female students in particular.

Having self-funded previous mission work in Cambodia and an earlier trip to Kenya, Tabby has clear set objectives.
I hope to provide my teaching skills for the school and encourage the students who live there. On my last visit the deputy principal spoke to me and said that the difference in the students over the month we were there was noticeable and heartwarming. Having a younger adult around to whom they could ask questions and discuss the Bible with was something that really positively impacted the students.
tabbyPersonally I hope to gain a lot of experience and information about the conditions in Kenya so that upon return to Australia I can advocate for the brethren living here. After studying teaching for four years I am excited to be able to put my qualifications and experience to work in a Christadelphian school where I can not only teach my relevant subject areas but also teach Bible studies and first principles. I hope to return home motivated to encourage others to preach."

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