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Not words of any organisation should bind you, but the Word of God

English: Converted into a home. The old Church...
Converted into a home. The old Church House where the Sunday School and other Church functions were held. Above the door is a cross and the words "Gair Duw, Gorau Dysg" which roughly translated means "the word of God, is the best of learning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people do think they only can be considered religious when they belong to a church and go to Sunday mass or Sunday service.They think it is all right when they just listen to the sermon, and think their own part of it. For the rest of the week they think they are in the clearance and they will earn their heaven.
English: Roman Catholic Church, Bedgrove. This...
Roman Catholic Church, Bedgrove. This unusually shaped Roman Catholic church in Bedgrove is opposite a Church of England church on the other side of a small road 197577 - they can probably hear each others' congregations singing on a Sunday ! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It should not be the connection with one or the other church that should bring us peace at heart. Our priority should not be on the regulations of one or the other church-organisation. It also should not be a one week off thing.

To be a child of God we should have more than one visit a week by our heavenly Father. The thing that greets your mind and fills your heart as you wake each morning should be your relationship with the Most High Elohim. It should be His Name, Jehovah, that should be on your lips all day long. His commandments should guide you and not so much the commandments of human organisations. 

I do agree we can not do without human organisations and human regulations in this world. We have to live in this world so have to be people trying to make a living in this world. But that does not mean we do have to be 'from this world'. We should be not "of this world" but "be in it". Being aware of what happens and reacting to what happens. So we can not be ignoring lots of things what happen.

We should protect those who have no voice (plants, animals and poor human beings). We should come up for the weak ones, be it plants, animals or human beings.

Being in this world we should let us guide by the Word of God, the Most High Sovereing. 

The best Guide for us is the Word of God, which should be in our mind from morning until late at night. Your final thought as you settle in for a night of sleep should be how you kept your relation that day in harmony with the Word of God. Conformity of your beliefs accordance the Bible.

Your willingness to stay in line with the commandments of God, more than with the regulations of a chuch denomination or laws of a country should be your priority.  It should define how you face your day, and it should shape your self-reflections. It should be the thing that directs how you respond to others. It should be at the forefront of your thoughts in times of trouble or disappointment. It should alter how you think about finances, possessions, decisions, relationships, and everything else. It should be a central theme of your existence. It's so huge, so gorgeous, and so glorious that once it gets hold of you, you’ll never be the same again.

That is what shall make you a follower of Christ and being worthy to call yourself a Christian.  Often trinitarians say we non-trinitarians are no Christians, but they forget that being a Christian means following the teaching of Christ. Often they are more following the dogmatic teachings of their denomination. As such we could say they should not call themselves Christian, but should call themselves Roman Catholic, Orthodox Catholic, Old Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinist, Anglican, or follower of the Church of England, but not follower of Christ.

Those who would like to follow Christ Jesus, Jeshua from Nazareth, accepting that he really did die for their sins (remember God can not die)  making him as their saviour and master teacher, high priest and mediator for God and man.

You don’t need to be an expert at riddles for this one. I‘m talking about grace.

If you’re God’s child, grace is the stunning core reality of your existence. It’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you, or ever will. It has changed everything you have, do, and are. It’s redefined your past, refocused your present, and reshaped your future. It’s the thing that you’ve needed since your first breath. It’s an absolutely essential ingredient of productive living on this side of eternity. It’s what you and I will focus on and celebrate for the rest of eternity. And it’s vital that in preparation for eternity we start our celebration now.

Those who take Jesus to be God nullify Jesus his action and degrade him to a fake and liar, because all the things he said about himself and God are than not true and he did not tell the truth when he said he did not know who would be sitting next to him in the Kingdom of God, or when the end-times would come. Jesus even said he did not know when he would return but God knows everything. So when Jesus is God he did tell gross lies.

If you would have your child telling it does not know who did what, when it did it herself, would you not consider it to be not telling the truth? When it did something and would say "I did not do it, but it was my father who did it" would you not call it a liar?

Those who take Jesus for the human being, having flesh, blood and bones, whilst God as a Spirit has not such things, and are willing to follow the teachings of this Nazarene Jew, who believed in the God of Abraham and showed us the way to his heavenly Father, they perhaps can call themselves a follower of Christ or Christian. And when they are baptised and take Jehovah God as their only One God between all the gods of this earth, they can become children of God like Jesus was a son of God, they could be a daughter or son of God and calling Christ their 'brother' and other males 'brother in Christ' and other females 'sister in Christ'.

All the others better call themselves the Church they are following so be an Pentecostal or Evangelist, or Catholic, but not a Christian in the pure sense of the word. They better choose if they want to become a Christian or stay a Catholic, and be part of the Babylon and not of God.


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