Monday 24 March 2014

How do we know the coming of Jesus is very near?

There is one simple answer. Look what is happening in the North part of the globe, Russia and Crimea and look at Israel! Scattered through the nations for centuries, they have never died out, as they cannot, if God is to keep His word.

Dormition Church, situated on the modern
Dormition Church, situated on the modern "Mount Zion" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In our own generation, they have started to go back to their land. In 1967 they took back Jerusalem, or Zion, their ancient capital. And now their enemies are gathering against them. The scene is set for the Deliverer to come to his throne, for God to set His king upon His holy hill of Zion. The signs are all there to strengthen our faith. The God who keeps His covenants to a thousand generations is unbaring His arm again. 

But let us remember that it was told we would come to a time where  elope would stand up against each other, first in the land of Euphrates and Tigris (war of Iran and Iraq), several natural disasters would become more intence and regular (earthquakes, sunamis) brothers and sisters would get up against each other and religion would fight other religions. Does that not sound familiar with all the Hindus, Muslims, Christians a.o. fighting against each other?
Let us finish with a lovely passage, which sums up this great Hope of Israel that we have been thinking about so long. We said it can give us comfort, direction, and courage to face all the storms of life. This is just how the Apostle puts it in the Letter to the Hebrews:
"When God made a promise to Abraham . . . he swore by himself, saying, 'Surely I will bless you and multiply you'"

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