Friday, 21 March 2014

New Name a fact

In case you where looking for "Christadelphian World" and came onto "Our World", you are at the right address.

I did not manage to create a new blog with a new url and title, so I shall keep the old url but chose for the title "Our World".

In the past most articles on this site were written to promote the Christadelphian views and have people get to know the Christadelphian teachings.
In a certain way I would love to continue to let others know the Christadelphian community and  the teachings which follow the biblical teachings of the Nazarene Jew Jeshua, better known as Jesus Christ. Today there is not so much to see of the previous announcements for Bible Classes, Bible Weekends, Bible Weeks and Bible Camps from different Christadelphian ecclesiae or 'churches', because the last few months several Christadelphians asked me to take away those articles. Because several did not wanted to be on the same site or pages as some other groups.

I invite all the Christadelphians to let me know their activities and will be glad to announce them on this site, no matter from which group they come from or with what organisation they may be connected with. For me they all are part of one community in the Body of Christ.
I personally let others know that I am a free Christadelphian, not bounded to any other organisation than the Body of Christ.

Previously the main focus of "Christadelphian World" was on the Christadelphian community, but from now on I will look again at the world from a more open vision, following also what is going on in other Christian denominations or what gets the actuality.

On my personal site Marcus's Space I also look already on the world, but from a very personal viewpoint, and mostly on matters of environment, politics, economy and culture.

I also keep presenting the lifestyle magazine "Stepping Toes" I formed a few years ago on Xanga and restarted recently on WordPress from scratch. There you shall also be able to find articles on what is in the actuality or gets attention in the media (in Belgium).

Since March this site got a dip in viewers but I do hope we shall be able to regain some confused readers and shall get more new readers, interested in the more extensive material I shall hope to offer on this site.

Please be welcome on my and your world => Our World


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