Thursday, 18 August 2016

Looking at the September 2016

Lots of people are enjoying their holidays. It is Summer time and most of us do not want to think yet of the new academic year.
For our planning we have already a look at what September might bring for us.

After the time of relaxation is time again to take things serious and to look at the rest of the world. For some weeks we may have concentrated on our own family not at all being interested what went on in the world around us. Though more than once by the news editions we got reminded how this world is evolving to a state where many people are having fear and do not feel safe in their own surroundings.

In the month of September we'll find the children going back to school and everything normalising again, though this year will not be like the previous years one where most are sure about what will be coming.

The threat of terror hangs like the word of Damocles above our heads. Lots of people are also afraid of those who enter Europe with an other religion than theirs. But should they be afraid?

The coming weeks we shall discuss the present situation and the attitude real Christians should take.

Each year we exercise our minds, each day seeking to think through the words we read and gain in the book of books for more understanding. Hopefully away from school or work the family members got more time to spend in their Bible  and could take some extra lessons for themselves from them.

At your holiday resort you perhaps got also some time to talk about what is going on in the world and about your view and faith around those matters. Meeting people from different cultures it was the time and place to have the right words in your mouth and show others why you are a follower of Christ and welcoming all those who are in need and looking for a place of shelter.

When the Christadelphian shall go into the new year several ecclesiae shall try to contact people in their surroundings and invite them to their meetings.

Beginning at 9:30 AM Saturday 3rd September the Solihull Christadelphian hall  will offer coffee and a weekend aimed to publicise their Family Fun Open Day to be held from 2:00 PM on the 10th September, God willing.

At the same Saturday in  Croft Waterpark, Bredons Hardwick, Tewkesbury Gloucestershire adolescents will come together for a day to catch up with friends and to make some new ones.

Those days all also can talk about the coming days, weeks and look forward to better times. With the knowledge that man is so 'miniscule' and that though we think we can do a lot, we are just useless for a lot of things. We are often really making a mess of it. But God is in control and that is for many of us our hope.
That will the matter of thought when the Christadelphians shall be able to reflect on the time the people shall be delivered. With a talk on "The King of the North and Turkey" and "The role of Tarshish at the Time of the end" Bros Matt Davies, Mike Jenner and Simeon Guntrip shall have enough to say on Saturday September 24th at the Princess Royal Theatre, Port Talbot.

For our English brethren it may also be the time to wonder how the voting for the Brexit results in many their daily life.

That daily life which we are all confronted with demands from us to show others our stance. going into the new academic year we again shall have to face many and shall be confronted with many news-facts people may find disturbing and getting them react in a certain way. How we react is very important. That way to react shall be matter of lots of debates and discussions in the weeks of September.

Whilst many may show their fear for the present situation of terror threat and more Muslims entering our regions we should not be afraid to show them that when standing in a firm faith we do not have to fear any Islamisation so many talk about and have them taking a very unchristianlike attitude.

Going deep into cultures to reach lost people looks at the phenomena of refugees and reactions of the local population. The present situation makes it even more important to look at Discipleship.

September shall be a month to think about that discipleship and our present role in the society. It will be a time to reflect at Evangelisation, local preaching opposite overseas evangelism and to talk about the reasons why you may not miss the opportunity to go to a Small Church and 3 reasons why you should go to a small church.

Not forgetting how Christ should be our anchor and our focus we should try to reach others and tell them about those lovely promises we are looking at. 

For those who still  would find time or would love to leave Europe for a few days there is the possibility to go to the Holy Land where the Christadelphians shall keep a Bible School at Bethlehem.

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