Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bad experience as young teenager with the YPA book and those leaving the religion

Since 1989, the Young People Ask series of books has been failing multiple generations of Witness adolescentsJeni Lundblom looks at her bad experience as a young teenager going through her teenage years having all that literature which did not seem to help really, perhaps it was also presented with a collection of often foolish advice that offered her no real support. For her some of the topics she encountered were embarrassing, though at that time she really believed the book Questions Young People Ask Answers That Work, or the “YPA” book, would be able to help her answer any questions I had. Today she finds the book being nothing but a propaganda piece with contents that did nothing but attempt to bolster her paranoia of the outside world.

When according to a 2008 study from Pew Research, only 37% of people raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses continue with the religion as adults we may wonder how it comes so many leave the religious group their family is part of.

she now also questions:
When you consider the many (a number of whom I’ve privately corresponded with) who stay just to keep the community and familial ties intact, one has to wonder how many stay true believers from childhood on?
Normally we would expect it much easier for children just to continue in the religion they were brougth up. In most countries this is what most regularly happens. For people it is more difficult to come to an other religion. Though today we notice also that lots of children just leave religion at the site and concentrate on worldly matters.

Though for a religious organisation which builds its instructions and its life on the Word of God, we would expect the turn over would be much better. Lundblom notices
It turns out, Watchtower isn’t so good at “inculcating” children as Deuteronomy 6:6-8 instructs. Instead, the organization seem to be setting kids up for failure and their often-inevitable exit from the religion.

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