Wednesday 12 October 2016

When Bad Things Happen

Sair Ching
Psalm 105
When Bad Things Happen

Why would a loving God allow bad things to happen to good people? People will choose to lose their faith in God because of a series of events they feel are unjust, and that God could have prevented. At some stage, bad things are going to happen to us too. And when they do, or better still, before they do, take a look at Psalm 105.

Israel were in Egypt. Their initial stay in Egypt was probably when they saw the active hand of God at work most in their lives. They were escaping the famine, together as a family again, making a new start in a new land. God was with them. But listen:
 "Then Israel entered Egypt; Jacob lived as an alien in the land of Ham. The Lord made his people very fruitful, he made them too numerous for their foes, whose hearts he turned to hate his people, to conspire against his servants." ( Psalm 105 v 23 - 25).
And all this time, some 430 years, God was with them, though they probably didn't realise it. How easy would it have been to lose your faith in God who cares for you, while living in Egypt like that?

God allows things to happen that we don't understand, because he has bigger plans. He certainly cares for us as individuals, but more important than an easy life now, is our preparation for God's kingdom. No matter what comes our way in life, let's always rely on God, who is far wiser and has bigger plans than we could ever dream of.

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