Sunday, 9 October 2016

Not fear or dread or blind compulsion

"... when all is said and done, the true motive for getting things into the right perspective is not fear or dread or blind compulsion.
It is the master principle of love.

People give the Truth top priority because they love it.
Any other motive will fail and eventually the disciple becomes disgruntled and half-hearted.
But when they are love-impulsed, and inspired by what the King has done for our sakes,
they favour his cause gladly, happy to be his bond-servants and heavily weighted in his favour.
They are not dragging themselves after him, resentful and lukewarm.
They follow him with joy and give him their allegiance in the everyday things of the Truth without demur.
Loyal for love’s sake: this is the true perspective."

- Dennis Gillett


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