Thursday, 15 December 2016

New platform for questions and answers

The Book of the Dead was a collection of spell...
The Book of the Dead was a collection of spells designed to guide the deceased in the afterlife. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
On the first of December 2016 a new platform saw its light on WordPress. It is a place where questions will be posted and where will be looked at possible answers to many questions that keep many people busy all the time.

Does some words or names like these mean something to you?

This are just a few names of the Egyptian pantheon of gods. They may be called local ones, but they also worship foreign gods like

There have been written many books on mythology and over the years lots of people have wondered what their purpose on this earth was and if there are some gods or a God whom they must serve. You may perhaps also have some questions about God or might wonder what others think about that God or other gods.

Now you might find the new website Questiontime which has presented already
  1. a First blog post – Eerste blog post
  2. The first question: Why do we live
  3. 2nd question: What or where is the beginning
  4. 3rd question: Does there exist a Divine Creator
  5. Looking for answers on the question Is there a God #1 Many gods

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