Monday 6 March 2017

Lenten Season and our minds and hearts the spiritual temple in which God seeks to live

English: Meditation
Meditation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For many the Lenten Season has come for them to bring them thinking about life but also about death and about God. Let us hope there are enough people who want those 40 days serious to think about the essence of their being and about the essence of God. God wants to be found and people should look after him.

People should come to fully grasp the reality that our minds and hearts are the spiritual temple in which God seeks to live.
We must ask ourselves, what are the things we meditate upon?
Do we make ample time each day for this meditation?
It is vital that we are positive in reacting to this challenge – how utterly wonderful to have God in our very being, watching over us!

We therefore should see how important it is that we read God’s word every day.


Lent, 40 days, meditation and repentance


Find to read:

  1. Adar 6, Matan Torah remembering the giving of Torah
  2. Adar 7 Moshe’s review of the Torah contained in the Book of Deuteronomy
  3. Statutes given unto us 
  4. God-breathed prophetic words written torah and the mitzvot to teach us
  5. Mishmash of a legal code but importance of mitzvah or commandments
  6. Written by inspiration of God for our admonition, to whom it shall be imputed if they believe
  7. Observing the commandments and becoming doers of the Word

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