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Most important day in Christian year

The Resurrection of Christ
The Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What is the most important day in the Christian year
Ask the average person in the United States and chances are you will hear
But in the early centuries of the church, first they remembered the Last Supper and the gathering for the remembrance of the exodus out of Egypt. In later years several Christians started to put the accent on the day of the resurrection, finding that more important than the Egyptian exodus.

Some may think that
From its earliest days, the church annually celebrated the anniversary of Jesus' resurrection, often calling the holiday the Christian Passover. (The Greek name for Passover was Pasch, so Easter is sometimes called Paschal; Easter is an English word... Read More
but that was not at all the case. Eostre feast or Easter was the pagan Spring festival, very popular in the West of Israel, and the Roman Empire.

The real followers of rabbi Jeshua, very well knew that God had ordered to yearly remember the exodus of God's people out of Egypt. They kept to the same Jewish remembrance day as the Jews, for years, until there came division by those who agreed to go with the Roman requirement to integrate the Roman pagan gods in their religion, starting the trinitarian Catholic Church.

Though not all members of "the Way", like the Jewish sect was often called, agreed to accept that human doctrine of a three-headed god and to let their holy days to coincide with the Greek-Roman pagan festivals. The true Christians kept celebrating the by God given holidays, which where the Jewish religious holidays and festivals.

Today nothing should be different. We too should celebrate those special or set apart (holy) days which where ordered by God for man to remember or to keep special in their heart.
as such the 14th to 22th Nisan should be a special time, where on the 14th of Nisan we take more time to remember what Christ Jesus has done for mankind.

Coming April the 10th it shall be that special remembrance day when real Christians come together to think about the Gift which is given to mankind., the Grace of Salvation, which is given for free, but which each individual has to accept and take the responsibility for himself or herself concerning the faith in Jesus, the Way to God.


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