Monday 26 February 2018

Rome mobilisation to say no to fascism and racism

In Italy, like everywhere in Europe, we can feel that the Neo-Nazis are coming up again. Nationalism and fascism are slowly creeping in our surroundings and may again become serious treat which we may not underestimate.

In the wake of growing anti-refugee violence in Italy, around 100,000 anti-fascist demonstrators rallied in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo at the last weekend for political rallies before Italy’s March 4 national election.  The Rome protest was one of at least a dozen marches or rallies held in several cities by both left and right.

If people would know their history better they would see in what for dangerous position we are in and how situations from the early 20th century are dooming up.

Anpi president Carla Nespolo said:
 “We are here to say no to fascism and racism, which are a danger today for democracy and coexistence.
and warned
We don’t want to repeat the tragedies of fascism and nazism
What frightened her most was what worries me also a lot, namely the
 “indifference, superficiality and ignorance”
 that allows fascist ideologies to take root.

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100,000 anti-fascist demonstrators in Rome, Italy

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