Monday, 18 June 2018

Partakers and sons of the Realm

In this world, coming closer to the end times, we can see how all the prophesies concerning those times are coming true and visible.

First we had the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, then we had children revolting against their parents, an increase of natural disasters, and more and more religious groups starting to fight against each other. the world shall have to become aware that a great tribulation shall come over this world. In that universal war the words of Jesus to his apostle Peter will be true:
 “All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” (Matt. 26:52, AV
But those abiding by the words of Isaiah 2:4, who come under attack by Gog of Magog, will survive the universal war, just as Noah and his family survived the global flood.

It are those who shall unite with each other as children of Christ and sons of the realm, being in union with each other, like Jesus is in union with his heavenly Father, who shall strengthen each other so that each member shall be able to withstand that awful period of great war.  We shall need that strength and should count on Jesus and his God (our God) to be with us and to be our refuge.

Together as brothers and sisters in Christ we shall be looking for that light in the darkness and shall climb the mountain of Jehovah, the Kingdom territory under Christ,where the veil of Satan does not exist (Isa. 25:7, AS). It is to its protection that men and women and children from all nations are told to flee now, and hundreds of thousands have already done so, and many more thousands are in the process of fleeing, and still other thousands will yet wake up and flee, and all together they will survive the war from heaven to enjoy everlastingly the peace it brings to earth. they shall find each other in ecclesiae (churches or prayer halls) to meet as brothers and sisters, praising the Only One True God, Jehovah.

As brothers and sisters in Christ we become children of God and become to belong to God His Realm, the Kingdom of God. We united as children of God shall have that marvellous prospect of
becoming to belong to the earthly class of sheep who shall find peace here on earth.
 “Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the world’s foundation.” (Matt. 25:34, NW)
 Christ is spoken of as
 “the Lamb who was slaughtered from the world’s foundation,”
meaning the new world of visible and invisible parts, or earthly and heavenly parts, and for which world he became the foundation when he died and shed his blood and later presented the merit of his shed blood before Jehovah in heaven. When Jehovah created the earth he meant for it to be inhabited and put Adam and Eve on earth to populate it, and he held out the hope of earthly life to faithful men before Christ; so an earthly class was purposed or predestinated long before Christ’s sacrifice laid the foundation for it. Also those who are to reign with Christ in the heavenly kingdom were predestinated or foreordained as a class “before the world’s foundation.”—Rev. 13:8; Eph. 1:4, NW.

Those lovers of God who believe in the son of God to be the sent one from God and the Messiah may be pleased to forward to those coming times that we as sons of the realm, belonging to the Church of God, shall be allowed to enter that new realm of Christ and God their Kingdom.

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