Monday, 18 June 2018

To sacrifice our being for Christ

The Nazarene Jew Jeshua (Jesus Christ) put his own will aside and offered himself as a lamb for God, as a ransom for us all.

Now time has come that we should also let him and his heavenly Father see Who we want to follow and Who we want to have as our God. Jesus showed his love for his God, Who is the Only One God of Israel, the God of Abraham. He asked his followers to become one with his God like he is one with Jehovah God. Coming closer to the time of Great Tribulation it is time to show the world to who you want to belong. It is high time to show the world for what you care and what or whom you love.

Did you ever ask yourself for whom you would risk everything?

Today we still face this materialistic world. But we should know that time for this world is limited. Today there are still many people, kings, presidents, ministers, as leaders demanding people to follow them and who reign their country as if it belongs to them. But everything on earth belongs to the Divine Creator. When he created this world He had a purpose for it and it shall become a reality whatever man may try to do.

In the New Testament we do find Jesus telling many stories in the form of parables which should open our eyes and should let us think about the reign to come and to look for. He talks about a realm of heaven and calls us to put our hands to work and help get the ground prepared to receive the love of God.He gives many examples how faith without works is dead and how we should be careful not to loose the entrance to the Kingdom of God by not living up to God's Wishes or not fulfilling God's commandments.

When looking at the Scriptures we can see how we are challenged to train our eyes to look beyond the problems and to see the promises of the world around us. And we have been told, repeatedly, that the “reign of heaven” is small, even hidden, but it is always at work. We are called to look for the hidden treasure and to go for Biblical truth and not to be of this world, loving all those materialist and perischable treasures.

Look around us we should see what is good and what is bad and learn from it. Though there are many who think by the death of Christ everybody is saved and does not have to do anything any-more, we should know that we for sure still have to do a lot of work. Every day we should work at ourself. Every hour of the day we should try to build up our Christlike character. that shall not so easy as so many think. It demands an effort. 

Jesus asks us to come together and to meet each-other regularly to study the Word of God and to praise the Most High. Together we should form a unit, giving ourself as inhabitant of the realm of Christ. As partakers of his spiritual Body, we should feel united and work to keep everything around us pure and 'sanctified'.
Every one of the partakers of the Body of Christ should be wiling to give himself or herself to Christ Jesus, putting the own selfish I away. 

Each person on this earth should be looking for the hidden treasures of God and should know that the “reign of heaven” is like a discovery that disrupts all other priorities, and those who make the discoveries have their entire lives shaped by them. 

Those who love Jesus and want to have a good relationship with him and his heavenly Father should be prepared to put the earthly wishes aside and go for heavenly treasures. They should not be afraid for those of the world who do not want to know about God and who would laugh at those who want to give their life to God. But those who know better shall be happy to give their life to the One God and to present themselves as sons of the realm. For it is in the believe in Jesus that we want to go as partakers of the Body of Christ, willing to unite in his Church, which is the Church of God.

With the knowledge that there is the Unseen God Who has prepared the unseen realm and shall present the earthly realm to mankind, to those who are ready for it, we may have the assurance in the hope that one day the world shall have to face that reality of the Great Kingdom, which shall go above all kingdoms of the world.

Giving ourselves to Christ shall make our union sealed and secure.

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