Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Zionist Attempt to undermine the presence of the Christian community

14 years ago a Zionist organisation called Ateret Cohanim obtained the properties in Christian Jerusalem by using foreign-based third parties as intermediaries to secretly buy the properties from the Greek Orthodox patriarchate.

The attempted sale has been subject to a legal dispute for the past fourteen years but on 10th June the Israeli Supreme Court rubber-stamped the sale in favour of the Zionists.

Getting more Christian properties of which most of them were hotels used by Christians, lesser Christian visitors will be having a place to sleep and visit the city, giving more room to the Zionist settlers.

The Christian Patriarchs of the Holy Land and heads of other churches including the Anglicans and Lutherans have issued a joint statement condemning this deceitful sale of hotels in the Christian quarter of Jerusalem to what the Patriarchs described as an “extremist group” of Zionist settlers.
They warned
“The actions of this radical group do not only mean an assault on the property rights of the Greek Orthodox Church, but an assault on the status quo protections for all Christians in this holy city of Jerusalem and deeply threatens the Christian presence in our beloved Holy Land.”
“An attempt to undermine the presence of one Church here undermines all the Churches and the wider Christian community around the world. We reaffirm our belief that a vibrant Christian community is an essential element in the preservation of Jerusalem’s historically diverse society and a prerequisite for peace in this city.”

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